Hello guys, I am a Web Administrator in a local High school in Kenya named Moi Siongiroi Girls, i have helped them take the responsibilities of maintaining and updating their school website for about 3 years now. Get to know more about my role now by taking part in this AMA, Ask Me Anything.

Oct 12, 2017

After developing their website, I was again assigned the fullresponsibilities of taking care of their website and ensuring that itis always up to date. This has not been a very easy task but I havealways put in all my effort to ensure they get the best out of me. Ihave helped them ensure their school website is user friendly andoffer an optimal user experience to parents, students and otherstakeholders. Engage me today in this AMA and learn more about mycareer and role as a web administrator. Ask Me Anything.


This AMA will end Oct 12, 2017 5PM EDT

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